The Walled Garden is built based on Docker containerization technology and its Swarm orchestration capabilities. It it is deployed across commodity hardware and/or virtual machines. All aspects of continuous integration, test, and deployment are achieved in a highly secure environment. DevOps and the agile methodology are used by tenants of the Walled Garden to produce continually updated production quality services and applications. This approach allows new capabilities to be deployed through continuous integration which allows for the unfettered evolution of independent software services on a single environment. The Walled Garden drastically collapses the time between requirements generation and actual capability. The continued success of JEMA-IC and creation of the new capability, Mission Presenter, are both achieved using the NASK Walled Garden.

  • DevOps Platform
  • Multi-Tenant
  • Proven methodology supporting over 40,000 end users
  • Alerting & Monitoring

Mission Capabilities

  • Secure
  • Docker Based
  • Swarm Orchestrated
  • Centralized or Decentralized Security
  • Continuous Integration