The TR2 system is highly customizable

to meet each customer's specific needs. Packaging options range from fixed rack mount to ruggedized mobile suitcase.

The next generation high-speed D/A playback system (12-bit DAC). It is capable of converting digital signals to analog data at sample rates from 6-1250 MSPS (input files may be sampled at any rate from 6 to 250 MSPS or at a fix 1250 MSPS). The large array of high-speed disk drives enables continuous playback and RF upconversion between 0.01-20.0 GHz. The playback server is Linux based and a full X-Midas based software suite is provided.

  • Playback Bandwidth of 3-500 MHz
  • Standard RF conversion from 0.01-20.0 GHz
  • Highly Customizable
  • Portable
  • 2 user-selectable bandwidths
  • Output level of -5 dBm
  • X-Midas based software (Linux OS)

Single Conditioning Options

  • 1U Upconverter
  • Standard tuning 0.01-20.0 GHz
  • Attenuation from 0-63 dB
  • Integrated Control from TR2 software
  • Optional output switch filter bank to remove mixing spurs and images outside of playback RF

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